Emmanuel Mudiay Will Give SMU Mustangs Redemption Next Season After NCAA Snub

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

It was expected in my opinion, but the SMU Mustangs were snubbed from the NCAA tournament. This must have displeased head coach Larry Brown, but he has a lot to smile about when he thinks about the future. Blue chip commit Emmanuel Mudiay is coming in to help next season, and I believe he will at the very least make them a tournament squad. He has the talent to get hot in a six game tournament too, so you better keep your eye on the Mustangs next season. If you have never seen any of Mudiay’s highlights, then feel free to check out his absurd leaping ability below.

The Mustangs will win their conference next season; I think that much is clear, and then we will have to see what they can do in March Madness. Jabari Parker’s tournament run came to an abrupt close today, so apologies to everyone out there (myself included) who had them in their Final Four bracket. Talk about a bracket-buster day, and yet most of the games have not really been all that entertaining. One thing I do wish is that they would take the tournament filed back down to 64. 64 is so clean, and 68 is so, well, not.

Keep an eye on Mudiay’s All American games over these coming weeks, because it should be revealing to see him matched up against the other top point guards in his class.

One more Prep piece is coming your way, and then will also hit you with a slideshow later tonight. Peace and love.

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