Arizona Wildcats Commit Stanley Johnson Wins a Fourth State Title for Mater Dei

By Dave Daniels
stanley johnson
Joshua S. Kelly- USA TODAY Sports

Stanley Johnson recently succeeded on his quest to win four straigt state titles, which places him quite firmly into the Jabari Parker club. Arizona’s Gatorade State Player of the Year is headed to Arizona in the fall, and he helped the Monarchs to finish off an undefeated season with 25 points, eight assists and three steals.

“We thought we were the better team,” Bishop O’Dowd High School head coach Lou Richie said to the Contra Costa Times. “We weren’t the better team today. Not with those turnovers, and we couldn’t stop Stanley from getting the ball.”

If you cannot keep the ball out of Johnson’s hands, then disaster is likely to occur. He has been a nightmare matchup this season playing as a guard, and it will be truly interesting to see how Sean Miller uses him next season. One thing is for sure, Johnson’s highlight reel plays will please many Arizona Wildcat fans next year, and it might even help to ice the sting of last night’s overtime loss. Although I’m not sure, because that was pretty tough to watch. Have to say that I did not agree with the way they called that one play against Aaron Gordon; that was a little sketchy. Thanks for stopping by Prep today; we will leave you with a bit of fortune cookie wisdom as always and hope that they have an excellent day of rest.

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