Arizona Wildcats Commit Stanley Johnson Makes His Jumpers Even When the Gym Lights Are Out

By Dave Daniels
stanley johnson
Joshua S. Kelly- USA TODAY Sports

Stanley Johnson loves the game of basketball, and that is a quality that is impossible to teach. After one of the latest McDonald’s All American game practices, Johnson was not quite done working and so he went to work afterwards as well.

“When practice ended, he wanted to just keep working on his game,” De La Salle head coach Frank Allocco said to the Arizona Star Daily. “He took about 100 shots. The lights went out and I’m feeding him (jumpers) in the dark. I’m thinking what a beautiful scene this is.

Amazingly beautiful. Dedication in the face of obstacles is what can set a great player apart from a good player, and that is what Johnson will bring to the table for the Arizona Wildcats next season. Something tells me that extra shooting definitely payed off for Johnson in the game, and that he does not regret the extra work.

One of the analysts for the McDonald’s All American Game (I think it was Jalen Rose) said that Johnson could lead the Pac-12 in scoring next season, and watching him run roughshod over the rest of the conference should be a blast to watch next season. If he can lead the league in scoring? Then you will most definitely be looking at the Pac-12 freshman of the year and maybe even the player of the year.

That is all for today, but be sure to check out my slideshow about the pro basketball team in Memphis and how they can fix their current woes. As always, I will leave you with a bit of fortune cookie wisdom.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves” -Aristotle

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