Joel Embiid Leaving Kansas Jayhawks for the Draft Opens Up Spot for Myles Turner

By Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels
Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

Well, it has finally happened. Joel Embiid has come to a decision about whether he will enter this summer’s draft, and his choice should not surprise many. The former Kansas Jayhawks center will enter the draft, and, in all likelihood, he will get picked in the top three. I noticed the news on twitter, and I wanted to touch on the recruiting implications of this for a bit as well.

This likely means that Myles Turner will be joining the Jayhawks, although it still would not shock me to see him pick the Texas Longhorns. The news about Embiid probably comes as bitter sweet to Bill Self, but after the big man’s back injury it was all but inevitable. The center even said earlier in the year that he was “strongly” considering returning for his sophomore season, but he just could not risk passing up on that rookie contract. If this back injury ends up being worse than we all think, then Embiid is clearly making the best choice for his family in this matter.

That is all for Prep today, but keep an eye out for a slideshow later tonight as well. Thanks as always, and here is a bit of fortune cookie wisdom.

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