Kentucky Wildcats Lose First Freshman As Julius Randle Makes the Obviously Right Decision to Enter the NBA Draft

By Dave Daniels
John Calipari
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

John Calipari’s best player, Julius Randle, announced today that he will be declaring for the NBA draft. For any Kentucky Wildcat fans who do not agree with the decision? Well, too bad. It was not your decision to make.

Apologies for the joke in the article description, but I just wanted you to click on our page so you could see all of Rant Sports’ brilliance in action.

These young men should not have to deal with the NCAA as much as they do, and I do not blame Randle for wanting to make the jump to the big leagues. Marcus Smart is probably regretting his decision now, because the point guard could slip to the late end of the lottery.

How this affects the Wildcats recruiting? Well, they might still win the SEC next season, but they certainly will not be in contention for the national title. A lot of teams will be in the mix for that next year, and it should be quite interesting to see how everything plays out. My money will be on the Duke Blue Devils until I hear of a major scandal or injury happening to that team, but my regular readers probably know that by now. As for Randle? You will be seeing him playing basketball for big money in the not too distant future.

Did I steer you wrong? You got the news of the day, but you also got it with a little bit of flavor.

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