SMU Mustangs Emmanuel Mudiay Could Make Final Four Under Larry Brown

By Dave Daniels
USA TODAY Sports- Adam Hunger
USA TODAY Sports- Adam Hunger

Point guard Emmanuel Mudiay may be a player that you have not heard of, but you can bet that Larry Brown, the head coach of the SMU Mustangs, definitely has. I saw Mudiay play at the National High School Invitational in 2013, and I came away almost as impressed as Rivals scouting service did.

“When he first came on the scene, I think we saw this immense physical talent who maybe lacked feel and polish for the game,” said Eric Bossi of Rivals. “But as he’s gone along, his feel and understanding of how to set up his teammates and himself if he wants to score or distribute have really improved. He’s gotten a little bit better at every aspect of his game.”

I have to agree with Bossi in pretty much every respect, and I would also point at Mudiay’s mature decision to join forces with coach Brown. Joining coach John Calipari in Lexington would have been fine as well, but you get the sense that Mudiay might go to college for at least two seasons. Maybe that is an unrealistic opinion on my part, but that is just the feeling I get from the way Mudiay was raised. He has had quite a difficult path, and so it is hard not to cheer for him with every additional piece of success that he attains. In the end? If he stays for more than a year, then it would not surprise me to see the point guard find his way to a Final Four.

“If what you did yesterday still looks big, then you haven’t done much today”
-Damian Lillard

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