John Calipari Should Not Abandon Kentucky Wildcats After Harrison Twins Return

By Dave Daniels
Gatorade- Susan Goldman
Gatorade- Susan Goldman

Vegas has put the odds at four-to-one that head coach John Calipari will leave the Kentucky Wildcats in order to coach the Los Angeles Lakers. That is probably not going to happen though, and the main reason is because of the Harrison twins. Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison recently decided to return to college for their sophomore year, which was a decision that surprised a lot of Big Blue Nation. It probably made them quite happy as well, because they will have an extraordinary amount of depth next season.

My prediction about Calipari not leaving could be wrong, but I just do not see why he would want to coach the Lakers at this point. They might as well have a sign around their collective necks that reads “Dead Team Walking”.

The twins struggled during the early part of their freshman season, but, obviously, they turned things around enough that the Wildcats were playing into April. That is always a good sign for a college basketball team, and they have even more talent coming to town with next year’s recruiting class.

Calipari has the Gatorade player of the year coming to Lexington next season, and something tells me that Karl Towns Jr. would not be too happy if his head coach was no longer in town. We will just have to see the kind of pitch that Jim Buss is capable of; something tells it is not anywhere near the quality of his father. I don’t think little Jimmy has the onions.

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