Myles Turner's Matchups Against Cliff Alexander Will Be Great in the Big 12

By Dave Daniels
USA TODAY Sports- Mike Dinovo
USA TODAY Sports- Mike Dinovo

Myles Turner will probably only have to face Cliff Alexander for one season, but it should be a fun one. Both big men will probably have the option of going pro after their freshman year, but the Big 12 gets to benefit from their talents in the coming future.

Alexander committed to the Kansas Jayhawks last fall, and he caused quite a stir on twitter when he fake-reached for the home-state hat in front of him before ultimately deciding to roll with Bill Self. I have predicted here that Alexander will help the Jayhawks lead the Big 12 in rebounding next season, and I stand by that.

The former Curie (IL) big man ended his high school career on the wrong note, and I could definitely see him coming out with a vengeance to start his freshman year. It will all depend on how hard and smart he ends up working this summer, but something tells me that he will have plenty of motivation to be getting by on.

Turner committed to the Texas Longhorns fairly recently, and it sent some shockwaves throughout the recruiting world. Kevin Durant has been a hero of Turner for sometime, and so it should not be shocking that the high school senior will follow his idol’s footsteps to Austin.

The Jayhawks should win the Big 12 again, but it also would not surprise me to see Turner put up some huge numbers and possibly even contend for conference player of the year. Heck, that is what his idol did.

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