Kentucky Wildcats Coach John Calipari Payed Harry Giles III a Birthday Visit

By Dave Daniels
John Calipari
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Harry Giles III is one of the top ranked players in the 2015 basketball recruiting class, and he has been getting attention from some of the best coaches in the business. He caught up his fans on his latest recruiting developments in his USA TODAY Sports blog, and my favorite part I have excerpted below. It is about a couple visits that he got on his birthday.

“It’s funny to see all of the students and teachers get excited when the coaches come in,” Giles wrote on the USA TODAY blog managed by Jason Jordan. “To be honest, the day that the gym was most packed was when Coach K came. It was just crazy packed! Coach K and Coach Cal both came on my birthday so that was a good present to me. Coach Cal came during lunch and Coach K came after school for my workout.”

It has to be pretty sweet to have Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari showing up at your high school, and it is so bizarre that these young men get entrusted with decisions that affect big time college basketball. We will have to see if Giles tips his hand in any direction, but the reaction of his school to Coach K has to be somewhat of a factor. As soon as he narrows his list a bit more, then you can be sure that we will keep you up to date.

All for Prep today, but we will have more for you tomorrow if that is what you fancy.

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