High School Pitcher Is Unresponsibly Allowed to Go 194 Pitches and 14 Innings

By Dave Daniels
USA TODAY Sports- Mark J. Rebilas
USA TODAY Sports- Mark J. Rebilas

When Rochester High School (WA) had starting pitcher Dylan Fosnacht throw 194 pitching in 14 innings and I heard about it on “Pardon the Interruption”, then I have to say that it made me a little sick to my stomach.

Coaches of baseball in America and around the World; here is a news flash for you. You need to be more responsible than this.

“I have never seen two guys take the mound and dominate like that for that long,” assistant coach Kyle Sprauge told MaxPreps. “I have both of those guys in class, and they both said that their arms were fine today.”

Sprauge’s comments completely miss the point. The point is not that they should be fine today, but that what will their health look like down the line. 14 innings is just criminal to put on the shoulders of a high school player, and it would not surprise me to see Fosnacht have injury troubles down the line.

If I can help with the national pressure for this never to happen again, then I am fine with that and will continue to try and pile it on. I understand that Rochester might be a small school, but that does not make a difference to my point of view. I went to quite a small high school as well, but it also never put a young man’s health in jeopardy quite like this. Let’s not have these kids having Tommy John surgery before they have even attended a college class, okay?

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