Dave Daniels

John Wall Will Get Some MVP Votes Next Season

John Wall will shock a lot of casual fans by getting some MVP votes next season, and the Washington Wizards will be close to contenders as a result. Read More

Kobe Must Readjust His Expectations For Lakers

Kobe Bryant is delusional to believe that his Los Angeles Lakers will make the playoffs, but it seems like he'll finally be able to make it through the season healthy. Read More

Walt Frazier Thinks Carmelo Anthony May Seek Trade

Walt Frazier believes that the New York Knicks going into rebuilding mode will cause Carmelo Anthony to seek a trade. Read More

Ray Allen Won't Rule Out A Return To The NBA

Ray Allen might play next season based on how his body and spirit feel, and he could make the Cleveland Cavaliers favorites to win the NBA title. Read More

Kevin Garnett Will Be Great For Karl-Anthony Towns

Kevin Garnett returned to the Minnesota Timberwolves last season, and the veteran should do wonders for Karl-Anthony Towns. Read More

John Wall Shouldn't Skip Team USA Minicamp

John Wall could be mad about getting cut from the 2014 FIBA World Cup gold medal team, but he should swallow his pride and attend Team USA minicamp. Read More

Jackson Is Living In Past By Signing Sasha Vujacic

The New York Knicks recently signed Sasha Vujacic, and this proves Phil Jackson is truly living in the past. Read More

Player-Organized Workouts Will Help Wizards

In the absence of Paul Pierce, Bradley Beal and John Wall have emerged as team leaders. Find out how these workouts will prepare Washington next season. Read More

Cavaliers' LeBron Has Time to Consider Olympics

LeBron James hasn't made his decision about the 2016 Olympics public yet, but he deserves the time to make a choice. Read More

Wesley Matthews Ended Up On The Right Team

Dallas Mavericks' Wesley Matthews was initially mad that the Portland Trail Blazers never made an offer in free agency, but he is better off working for Mark Cuban. Read More