Dave Daniels

West Tells Sobering Story About LeBron Saving Him

Former Cleveland Cavalier Delonte West claims that LeBron James saved his life, and I won't blame the PG for rooting on his past teammate over the next couple weeks. Read More

New York Knicks Might Trade Down For Trey Lyles

Phil Jackson's reign as president of the New York Knicks has been unsuccessful so far, but he could get some nice value out of the fourth overall pick by trading down for Trey Lyles. Read More

LeBron Has Molded Dellavedova With Cavs

Cleveland Cavaliers SF LeBron James has molded every member of his team like a piece of fine clay, but the four-time MVP has done a phenomenal job of shaping Matthew Dellavedova. Read More

John Wall Must Choose His Friends More Carefully

Washington Wizards PG John Wall was recently kicked off a plane in Las Vegas due to one of his friend's actions, and the PG should lay low the rest of this offseason. Read More