VIDEO: Brock Lesnar F5's John Cena Again

By Riley Schmitt

Brock Lesnar is clearly loving his job of F5ing John Cena.  For the second straight week, Lesnar came down to the ring and delivered his finishing move to Cena.  Once again, it was extremely entertaining.  Nothing like Cena getting knocked down a peg or two.

Earlier in the show, Cena slapped Lesnar right across the face.  This lead to a brawl, in which Lesnar broke Cena’s lip open.  The blood wasn’t intentional, but there is real animosity between the two.  This dates back to Lesnar’s first run in the company.  This should certainly add to the feud in the coming weeks.

The match between these two has already been made for the Extreme Rules pay per view.  There will be some stipulation on the match.  Since the popular plan seems to have Lesnar winning the title sooner rather than later, I expect him to take out Cena and set his sights on CM Punk.  Punk will have his hands full with Lord Tensai, so Lesnar will have an opportunity to strike.

I must admit, the WWE has done a good job of promoting the show since Wrestlemania 28.  Normally the show tends to drop off, but it is maintaining its pace right now.  It is keeping my interest and it is weaving new storylines in seamlessly.  I doubt this will last but it is good to see right now.

Things will certainly change in the coming months.  With Brock Lesnar back in the company, the top has shifted.  Will he stick around longer than his one year contract?  Only time will tell.

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