Pro Wrestling

Could Tito Ortiz Join The WWE?

With Brock Lesnar making his return to the WWE, another former MMA star is considering making the jump.  In a recent interview, Tito Ortiz teased an appearance in the WWE.  His quote:

“I may have another one… you never know. But I’ve got a lot of options. I’ve seen Brock Lesnar go back to the WWE, that’s something I may entertain, do some ‘theatrical entertainment’ as they call it.”

As much as people do not like to admit, MMA is a big rival to the WWE.  Both companies try to appeal to the same audience.  In fact, a lot of MMA fans were born into the WWE Attitude era.  Once the company pushed back to a more family approach, these fans went looking for something else.  MMA certainly fit that bill.

What exactly would Ortiz do in the WWE?  He would certainly draw in some MMA fans.  I would wager that since Lesnar has returned to the company and attacked John Cena, some fans have started to tune in to watch Brock.  I doubt the two would get engaged in an actual feud, but could Cena bring in Ortiz to help him stave off Lesnar?  You never know.

If Ortiz does happen to make an appearance, it would probably be centered around Wrestlemania 29.  That is when the big stars come out to play, so it makes the most sense.  He would also get a decent contract, making a match worth his while.  We will have to wait and see if he plans on coming to the squared circle.