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John Cena Divorce: Ending Marriage to Liz Huberdeau After Three Years

A John Cena divorce rumor has been a hot one for the last couple of years.  On Thursday, it finally came to fruition as Cena filed for divorce from his high school sweetheart Liz Huberdeau after three years of marriage.  That should have raised a red flag right away as Cena is certainly a long time removed from high school.

Cena’s ex wife is going to settle in for a hard fight.  She has hired the attorney that Linda Hogan used to make Hulk Hogan even more pathetic than he already is.  That, my friends, takes a lot of talent.  Hogan doesn’t need any help to look like a moron these days.  However, this chick signed a pre-nup in 2009.  So Cena has that going for him, which is nice.  If you famous and plan on getting married, make sure she signs that paper.  It is only good business.

I imagine the life of a WWE superstar took a toll on the marriage.  Cena is on the road constantly.  He really can’t deal with a family and his career.  To be a star, you are on the road almost the entire year, which leaves little time for family.  I imagine that Cena will bounce back from this but it is still sad to see.

Watch the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) have a field day with this.  They hate Cena and probably can’t wait to revel in this news.  If it involves Cena, they hate it.  That means they’ll love this.  I hope the John Cena divorce ends without any ugliness.  It would be a shame for that to happen.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports and a fan of pro wrestling, but not John Cena.