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Stone Cold Steve Austin Starring in New Reality Series

Former WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin has inked a deal to host a 10 episode reality series called Redneck Island on CMT.

The show consists of putting 12 “blue-collar” contestants on a tropical island, and having them compete for $100,000. Austin will serve as the classic host, who oversees the mayhem throughout redneck themed challenges.

The series is set to begin next month.

Austin has also signed a developmental deal with CMT, where he will help create other new series on the network.

An Austin/CMT partnership makes sense, as most people would classify the Rattlesnake as a redneck. I just think of him as a guy that lives on a ranch in Texas, who likes to drink beer. Regardless, he fits the part.

After viewing several of Stone Cold’s movies, and then watching him last year on the series Tough Enough, it’s clear that television is a better fit for him. The strengths that he brings to the table, are most on display in the laid back setting of TV. Not saying the Stone Cold is a bad actor, but acting takes the realness out of him. His realness is what made him successful on the microphone in WWE.

Austin’s wrestling career never took off until he was allowed to be himself. After he was fired from WCW in the mid 90′s, Paul Heyman invited him to do some promos with ECW. The promos proved to be ground-breaking, and eventually got Austin noticed by WWE. Of course, the rest is history…

Check out the promos, and if you haven’t watched the new Stone Cold documentary, it’s now on instant Netflix.

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