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Brooke Hogan Will Join TNA Wrestling As An Executive

Brooke Hogan has been exposed to the wrestling business her entire life.  Her dad, Hulk Hogan, was one of the biggest stars in wrestling back in the day.  His time of relevance is long gone but his impact on his daughter still remains.  Brooke Hogan will be joining her dad in TNA Wrestling.

Brooke Hogan will not be a wrestler, but she will be used to help develop the female talent that wrestles in Orlando.  She will be used to help wrestlers work on the mic and make their characters more life like.  Since Brooke Hogan has been on reality TV and she is also a singer,  I think she can handle this part of the job very easily.

I am interested to see how this works out.  It does not hurt that her dad is part of the promotion, but I would think she would be better served in the big leagues.  If you think TNA is comparable to WWE, you are dead wrong.  Which one is the multi-million dollar company and which is the one that can’t handle the move to live TV?  Answer that and you will know why TNA is no competition.

Maybe Brooke Hogan can spice it up a bit.  The women wrestlers is one area where TNA has the advantage.  It won’t draw viewers but it does not hurt to have a strong women’s division.  I still think she would be better served with the WWE, but I guess family is stronger.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.