Kelly Kelly Granted Time Off From WWE, Could Be Gone From Company

By Riley Schmitt

Kelly Kelly (real name Barbie Blank) shot to the top of the WWE Divas division but it looks like that she may be done with the company.  She has been granted time off and many believe that she will not return for awhile or at all.  If she does not come back, the most popular Diva will be gone.

The Divas division has been an absolute joke, and Kelly Kelly is not immune from blame.  She certainly is not a wrestler by trade.  She’s a model that has been turned into a wrestler.  Although she has improved in the ring, it has gone from awful to passable.  She certainly isn’t putting out any five star matches or anything remotely close.

The one thing that could come back to haunt the WWE if Kelly Kelly leaves is promotional experience.  Kelly Kelly is very good looking and that helps when you are trying to promote things.  If she is gone, that opens a void in talent that needs to be filled.  There is not really a diva on the roster that can fill that hole.  If you can find one, let me know.  I am coming up with nothing.

Kelly Kelly has had a successful WWE career but it could be over now.  She is still extremely young but sometimes people get sick of the business.  That does not shock me and I would be surprised if she comes back.  Divas tend to leave and not come back.  Kelly Kelly would just be the latest.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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