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Could Randy Orton Be Fired By the WWE?

With Randy Orton Being Suspended by the WWE for the second time for 60 days, questions are swirling around that the WWE is seriously considering  firing Randy Orton.

I can’t say I know what’s going on, and don’t think anyone will ever know, but all I can do is give my opinion as a WWE fan.

I think Randy Orton is incredibly important to the WWE. He represents a guy who has severely gone through the ups and downs in terms of being a professional entertainer. He’s given the WWE a ton of can’t miss moments, and is one of the most popular wrestlers in the industry. He’s made the company a ton of money, and I think this situation could be a little different than most. It sounds like he’s still battling some drug or alcohol issues, and I think the company has an opportunity to stand up and see if they can get him the help he seems to need. I think it’s important that the WWE start being a company that takes care of their employees because it’s those employees that risk their life for the company. Turning their back now on Randy Orton could force a fanbase to really suffer through a lackluster talent base right now.

Again, I don’t know much about the situation. All I can do is give my opinion as a fan and that’s it. Hopefully we’ll see more of the Viper moving forward because Randy Orton is certainly a top entertainer. More importantly, hopefully Randy Orton overcomes his demons to live a happy and healthy life with his family.