Vader Returns To Raw To Squash Heath Slater On Monday Night Raw

By Riley Schmitt

With the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw approaching, a lot of of past stars are showing up.  Monday night, the man they call Vader made his return to the ring to squash Heath Slater.  Vader has not wrestled in the WWE in over a decade so it was great to see.

He did make an ill-fated return to help the Coach in a match, but this is what Vader is really about.  He is a powerhouse who showed no mercy to anyone in his way.  That is what made him one of the scariest superstars in the company.  He was going to do what it took to win the match.

There is nothing like seeing a Vader Bomb to end a match.  He has so much mass that a man coming off the second rope would be enough to squash you.  It is great to see some of the guys from the past show up.  Vader still looks like he could go in the ring, which is amazing for a guy that size and age.

Vader was victorious in this one off match and maybe he did enough to garner a short contract.  I still think the guy could put over a young rising star.  The company has a lot of upcoming young heels, so Vader could put them over as a face.  It might seem strange, but I think he could do it.

The man they call Vader is back in action.  My childhood is once again in full force.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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