Rumored Plans for John Cena at Summerslam

By Andrew Fisher

With Summerslam just around the corner, WWE creative is hard at work trying to figure out what to do with their top star John Cena. Cena has been feuding with John Laurninaitis over the past couple of months, and with that coming to an end, he needs something new to do.

At this point in time, the plans are calling for Cena to face CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

As you may recall, this match took place at Summerslam a year ago, kind of. Last July Punk disappeared from the WWE after winning the title from Cena at Money in the Bank, only to return a couple weeks later after Cena had won the title in a tournament for the “vacant” championship. They clashed in a title vs. title bout, with Cena coming out on top.

So what would make Punk/Cena different this time around?

The only way that I’ll be okay with this feud again, is if Punk goes over clean. The only value in another Punk/Cena feud is to use it to raise Punk’s stock further. With Randy Orton out of the picture right now, Punk is the clear No. 2 guy in the company and while winning probably won’t catapult him past Cena, it will go along ways towards establishing his legacy…

In addition to Cena challenging for the title at Summerslam, it’s also thought that he will stay in the WWE title picture at least until Wrestlemania next year.

It’s unknown who Cena will face at Wrestlemania 29 at this time.

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