Randy Orton to Maintain Top Spot Upon Return From Suspension

By Andrew Fisher

Suspended WWE Superstar Randy Orton is eligible to return to action at the end of July. Many are questioning where his spot will be in the company, after a second suspension due to a wellness policy violation.

The latest buzz is that Orton’s spot as one of the top guys, is far from in jeopardy. He’s also expected to remain near World Title picture in some capacity.

The only lingering question is if WWE will hold Orton out of Summerslam, which would cause him to miss a big bonus payout…

Personally, I never questioned Orton’s spot in the company. He’s owed too much, and earns too much money for the company to not fully invest in him.

People will point out concerns about another violation that would lead to termination, and they will talk about rumors that Orton is difficult to work with….I say who cares? For the money he makes Vince McMahon alone, he’s worth keeping on the roster. It’s just good business.

All financial reasoning aside, Randy Orton is one of the best in-ring workers WWE has, period.

I think the most important question people should be asking, is if Orton comes back as a heel or a face?

Heel makes the most sense to me. I would mix all the real life drama with storylines, to create that blurred line effect wrestling fans crave. The Orton character is best served as a bad guy.

Randy Orton is being advertised for a WWE Smackdown live event on September 1st, so count on him to be back sometime during the month of August. I would be shocked if he isn’t booked at Summerslam.

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