Summerslam: The 15 Greatest Moments in WWE Summerslam History

By Bryan Lutz

WWE Summerslam is a few months away. But considering the WWE couldn’t care less about their product until then, let’s look at some of the best Summerslam memories now. This year’s Summerslam could make some new memories with the rumored HHH-Lesnar and Cena-Punk feuds, but they will have to be pretty epic to knock out these moments. Here are 15 greatest moments in Summerslam history.

Honorable Mention Favorite 1. HHH Returns (2007)
HHH is one of the more polarizing WWE superstars there is. Some can’t stand him because he slept his way to the top, while others claim he is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all-time. I’m more in the middle on the issue, and I have no problems with Trips. This comeback sticks out to me because I remember I chose to watch this Summerslam over a Bears-Packers Sunday Night Football game.

Honorable Mention Favorite 2. The Mountie Goes to Jail (1991)
Being a 5-year old at the time, this felt real. I truly believed a person was going to jail because he lost a wrestling match. For nostaglic purposes alone, I have to put this on the list.

15. Undertaker Defeats Edge (2008)
Just two great WWE performers putting it all on the line. The Edge-Taker feud was done to death during this time period, but what an exclamation point. I remember looking at this card just laughing at how bad it was because it was in Indianapolis and contemplated going. If it was a better card, I would have gone for sure. But this match somewhat made up for two bad title matches.

14. Undertaker VS. Undertaker (1994)
Baseball was about to go on strike, so the WWE was my saving grace at this point in time. This match was build beautifully, and the concept was a good one, but what a dud. The crowd had no idea who was who, which is one of the reasons for the huge flop.

13. Lex Luger Beats Yokozuna by Countout
I don’t know if you remember this feud, but the WWE was pushing Luger through the roof. Things like a publicized powerslam and a USA vs. World type of booking made Luger huge. Essentially, the WWE was trying to make Luger into their next Hulk Hogan. So what does the WWE do? They let Luger win but kept the strap on Yokozuna. Makes sense.

12. Mankind VS. Undertaker in a Boiler Room Brawl (1996)
This wouldn’t work for anyone else besides these two guys. Both were so dark and scary, it only made sense to have a fight in a fictional boiler room. It also gave us a Paul Bearer heel turn!

11. First TLC Match (2000)
Nothing needs to be said here. Just watch.

10. Kurt Angle VS. Brock Lesnar (2003)
The Angle-Lesnar feud was a fantastic feud for the sport of wrestling. Kurt Angle is one of the best there is in the business, and Lesnar’s persona is something that is extremely entertaining. These two were just a perfect pair.

9. Hulk Hogan VS HBK (2005)
HBK is my favorite wrestler of all-time. Like Michael Jordan, as we grew up and learned more about the man that was Hulk Hogan, we learned he was kind of a jerk. So the overselling by Michaels is just glorious.

8. Ultimate Warrior Squashes Honky Tonk Man (1988)
The Honky Tonk Man had the IC title for over two years before the Ultimate Warrior squashed him, winning the title. Warrior’s music is still some of the best music in WWE history. Random guitar rift themes FTW.

7. Elimination Chamber (2003)
Any bloodbath of a match that involves Goldberg getting buried is must-see TV!

6. RKO Defeats Chris Benoit to Become the Youngest WWE Champion
There is so much win in this match. First off, Chris Benoit is wrestling. The guy had little charisma, but man could he wrestle. You can hate the man for what he did, but you can still respect his ability. Also, during this time, I hated Orton. I thought he was a bum. But prior to this match, he earned mine and seemingly everyone else’s respect with his hardcore match against Mick Foley. This is vintage Orton, the pose, the look, the talent. He’s a shell of himself now.

5. HHH VS. HBK in a Street Fight (2002)
I literally have goosebumps right now writing this. I never though I would see Shawn Michaels wrestle again when he walked away after he lost to Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania. So this was an incredible moment for me. This is some of the best pre-build for a match ever. If there is one thing the WWE can do better than anyone in the world, it’s video packages.

4. Owen VS. Bret (1994)
The WWE can make a lot of storylines work well, but nothing works better than brother VS. brother. The Hart brothers, Bret and Owen, could have a tag-team match against a mop and a broom and make it work. So when the two worked together, it was magical. I also remember telling my dad I couldn’t spend time with him that weekend because I was going to watch Summerslam. He wasn’t pleased.

3. HBK VS. Razor Ramon in a Ladder Match (1995)
Scott Hall sober (at least visibly), HBK before he got real big, the infancy of the Ladder Match. This match will always be legendary. By the way, tell me Razor’s theme isn’t the beat in Jordin Sparks’ “Love is a Battlefield”.

2. Austin Beats Owen Hart with a Broken Neck (1997)
One of the most memorable moments from one of the greatest superstars in WWE history. Have to give credit to Owen here, he at least made it somewhat credible.

1. British Bulldog Wins IC Title from Bret Hart in London (1992)
This was the main event at Summerslam ’92. That’s right, an IC title match was the MAIN EVENT at WWE’s second biggest PPV. I miss the days when the IC belt mattered. The reason why this match was so big was because this was held in London, England. In 1992, there were no spoilers, you could tape delay a PPV and get away with it with relative ease. I wish this was possible today. The London crowds are always epic.

There you have it, folks. Hopefully I touched on some fond memories of Summerslam. Feel free to share your own!

Bryan is a featured writer for Rant Sports. Although he concentrates mostly on the game of baseball, you can find him covering things all over the Rant Sports Network. 

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