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Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) Returns On Monday Night Raw To Give Diamond Cutter To Heath Slater

Diamond Dallas Page is just the latest legend to return on Monday Night Raw and embarrass Heath Slater.  Slater has done a masterful job of being the whipping boy for every legend to come back.  DDP is up there in age but he still looks like he can go in the league.

Page showed up on Raw last year to promote the release of a DVD about Nitro, but this is the first time that he has been in the ring in about a decade.  That is impressive, especially because DDP is over 50 years old.  He certainly looked like he can still put on a good match.

There will still be more legends coming in the next couple of weeks and I expect that none will be able to outperform Diamond Dallas Page.  His yoga program has certainly kept him in shape and he could put over a young star in a short program if he felt inclined to.  I think that would be a long shot, but it could still happen.

This is one way for the company to try to overcome some slumping ratings.  Although the legends can not do much on a long term basis, it helps for a night.  That is what the company is worried about so more power to them.

As I said earlier, the real star of this stuff is Slater.  He has done a great job in this role and this should help win him some fans in the back.  Not everyone would be so willing to do jobs like this, but Slater has been great about it.  Hopefully he gets a push in the near future as a reward for his work during this time.

Nothing like seeing the Diamond Cutter return to Monday nights.  That’s some nostalgia right there.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.