AJ bigger than the WWE Championship?

By Maurice D. Proffit


 Is AJ the New John Cena? Is she bigger than the WWE Championship.


AJ Lee, whose real name is April Jeanette Mendez. Born and raised from Union City New Jersey. AJ made her way on the scene of the WWE in 2010 while being a part of the all Divas NXT brand, vying for a contract spot on the WWE roster, but was eliminated in November of 2010. This not stopping AJ from gunning for her contract, as she was still signed on with World Wrestling Entertainment.


Within the span of a little under two years AJ has gone from being a contestant on the show NXT to now being a MAJOR piece of an angle involving the WWE Championship. I think arguably the main focus right now on the storyline that involves the title.


For those who may be quite unfamiliar with the storyline dealing with WWE Championship, let me give you the very abridged version. AJ and Daniel Bryan are together, Bryan blames her for his WWE championship loss, he breaks up with her, she has a crush on CM Punk, Bryan is jealous, Kane is thrown into the mix for some unknown reason, she messes with Kane’s head, he breaks it off with him, Bryan still likes AJ, AJ likes Punk, Punk is more pre occupied with other things, AJ feel rejected. No, you did not just read note lines from a script from an episode of Gossip Girl, this is what is happening with the WWE Championship story line.


It’s not the first time when a woman was a main focal point  surrounding the top championship. One of the most famous wrestling feuds of all time involved a woman. If you guess Macho Man Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship. Elizabeth was torn in between the two as Savage fought back jealous feelings of her and Hogan’s relationship and they gave us a classic at Wrestlemania 5.


I’m not compare this angle to the Savage-Liz-Hogan angle,  I absolutely wish that it could be that good. My issue that I have with this is the over saturation of AJ that takes away from what can be an overly solid wrestling Angle. When Punk and Bryan had their match at Over The Limit 2012, they gave us a match of the year candidate. What they put on in the ring was spectacular. The story that the two told in the ring was unmatched to anything we have ever seen. This was before Kane and before AJ. Their match was so good, that it was worth the $49.95 of PPV fees alone. But WWE decides to throw Kane and AJ into the mix as well? It just didn’t connect, because it wasn’t needed at all. We have had to endure a multitude of different characters and personalities from AJ, which I think that creative is just confused on what direction to go with. Is she the victimized girlfriend of Daniel Bryan? Is the she crazy hot chick with the crush? Is she the diabolical diva that has a plan that intertwines the three men? Is the needy, I need attention from you chick?  Is she the loveable, I just want to have a good time free spirit? Or is she the potentially self inflection danger girl? We are getting this week in and week out and I don’t even know if the WWE knows what direction they want her to go in, but I’m ready for this angle to end.


Last night on Monday Night Raw, AJ has 6 segments involving her. In the current days of where John Cena is the overall center focus of the world, it would be a miracle for the WWE Champion to get that kind of attention. Now, the fact that she is the guest referee in the WWE Championship match at Money in The Bank has over shadowed the importance of the match. And I say this because more people are now inquiring “what is AJ going to do next?” not “what’s the outcome going to be in the WWE championship match”. To me that is a bit alarming, because once again we are at an episode of Gossip Girl once again.


Not saying that AJ doesn’t belong in the storyline, that is fine, but what will be next for her after this? Go back to the Divas division and be lost in that obscurity? Win the Divas belt? Have a feud with Beth Phoenix and get crushed by Karma when she comes back? I feel that WWE hot shotted this just a tad bit because when this angel is over both Bryan and Punk have traveling ways to venture into. Not too much of the same can be said about AJ unfortunately.

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