The Big Brother House Just Got A Little More “Psycho”.


It looks like the house in this new season of Big Brother will get a little vicious, may get a little bit psycho, as WWE Legend and former WWE Champion Pyscho Sid’s son “Frank Eudy” will be one of the house guests on this season’s Big Brother 14, premiering next Thursday (July 12th) on CBS (check your local listings).

Today, CBS introduced fans to the news house guest that will be participating in this year’s summer game of human chess, and Frank was revealed as one of the participants. The Big Brother site is showing Franks profile stating that he is “28, single, unemployed, alleged BB super fan, Naples, FL via Marion, AR”. Franks twitter is @FrankEudy

It will be very interesting to see what Frank will be able to bring to the house this season. Hey, why not? His father at one time “ruled the world”, Frank could eventually “Rule the HOH”.

Stay Tuned!

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