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TNA Destination X 2012 Results

TNA Destination X 2012

The PPV started off with wan incredible video montage promoting the PPV. The music with the video editing gave the PPV a very epic feel.

Commentators: Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash (Taz is not there)

Opening Match:
Rubix, Mason Andrews, Lars Only and Dakota Darsow (son of Barry Darsow- 1 half legendary tag team Demolition).
This is a 1 fall match. First to get the pin/submission is the winner of the match. The winner of the match will have to face Kid Kash immediately after.  Each of these men lost thier qiualifying matches, so this is a last chance. This match really did show that it was anyones match to win as we did not see anything being pulled, these men went at it. We see some excellent over the top to the outside moves performed by both Mason Andres and Rubix. In the match we see the proverbial, triple move set from the corner, of a combination of a powerbomb and a superplex, which involved Andres, Only and Darsow. Mason Andrews give Only a move which was like a combination between a fireman’s carry and a diamond cutter. Mason Andrews gets the win.

Winner: Mason Andrews

Match #2
Mason Andres vs Kid Kash (Opening Match in the X Division Title Tournament)

Kid Kash wastes no time getting to ringside to immediately work on the tired Andrews. And the offsensive assult is is being worked on. The mach looked almost effortless to Kash. But who really wins? Because the “winner” of this match has to move on to the Ultimate X match with the winners of the 3 other matches that are assigned. But with the turnaround and the kick and shortly after, the roll up, Mason Andrews gets the win.

Winner: Mason Andrews

Match #3.)
Kenny King vs Doug Willaims (X division Title Tournament Match)
The crowd was very hot and very big on Kenny King in the opening match. Both men gave a very impressive show regarding thier move set and staying move ground and pound game. King overpowered Willaism with a modified shoulder to back slam to get the win.

Winner: Kenny King

Match #4
Sunjay Dutt vs Rashad Cameron (X Division Title Tournament Match)
Rashad Cameron is my favorite new face on the scene, i knew this would be a gem. Bot men had a very nice chain wrestling, which we saw a double dropkick. We see the vintage moonsault stomp from Sanjay to get the win

Winner: Sanjay Dutt

We get a profile/update on the condition of Jesse Sorenson and he comes out to speak with Christy Hemme. Jesse suffered a near career ending injury by Zima Ion at “Against All Odds” PPV earlier this year. Jesse thanks the crowd and the fans for being on his side during his recovery and he sends words to Zima Ion hoping he’ll win the X Division title, so Jesse can take it from him when he gets back. Zima Ion comes out for his match as Jesse is leaving. Words are exchanged. This was the first interaction these two have had since the match.

Match #5
Flip Cassanova vs Zima Ion (X Division Title tournament match)
This match was the counter of King vs Williams as we as a great amount of ariel moves and very fast paced spots for Zima to execute a back to back face drop for him to get the victory and move on to the Ultimate X match.

Winner: Zima Ion

Match #6
Samao Joe vs Kurt Angle (Bound For Glory Series Match)
The storied rivalry of both the Samoan Submission Machine and the Olympic Gold Medalist continued. This was the same PPV 6 years ago where these two went face to face for the very first time in the middle of the ring. Instantly, as if it were two best friends catching up after years of not talking, these two connected just as quick. Both men resulted to their ground wrestling game and we see some complex submissions from Joe, similar to what he used to give to us back in his early TNA days. Angle puts Joe in the ankle lock, but Joe somehow is able to reverse the move into the rear naked choke, Angle counters with an Angle Slam, but that just results in Joe kicking out. Angle, attempted the Angle slam once again, but Joe locks Kurt into a rear naked choke and held on. Angle unable to respond, lead referee Earl Hebner to call for the bell and declare Joe the winner. Joe gains the 10 points for submission and now #1 on the leader-board for the Bound for Glory Series.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Match #7
AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels (Last Man Standing Match)
Speaking of storied rivalries, we are awarded with another one that will go down in the books as being a classic rivalry. The story behind this is Christopher Daniels obsession of being the one to breakdown not only the career but the life of AJ Styles in terms of his relationship with “Claire”, the former addict that him and TNA President Dixie Carter have been taking care of. Before, we would see these two give us a very scientific and fast pace motion of a match, but this was more of a these two really trying to hurt each other, especially from Daniels end. The unique uses of both the steel chair and the steel steps is what really stood out in this match. Just as they reinvested match styles from before with their old classics, this would be no exception, but just more hardcore. This match proceeded to the upper stage deck, while Styles was going for the “Styles Clash” Daniels reversed it with a backbody drop on the steel stage. However, just as Daniels was getting the advantage, AJ answers it with a reverse DDT. As the ref was counting out Daniels and it looked like that Daniels was done, Kazarian comes out of no where and pushed Styles off the stage and into the steel barracade. AJ beats the 10 count via the steel guard rail. Daniels gets up and sets up a table in front of the stage. Daniels attempting “Angles Wings” on AJ through the table, AJ blocks it, takes out Kazarian, and does the Styles Clash onto Daniels through the table from the top of the stage. Daniels could not answer the 10 count as AJ gains the victory leaving Daniels in a bloody mess.

Winner: AJ Styles

Match #8
Ultimate X Match
Mason Andrews vs Kenny King vs Sanjay Dutt vs Zima Ion
Major Refresher in watching this match. Seeing Ultimate X once again but with 3 new faces. The match showed the men putting themselves at risk with innovative moves. Sanjay executed a running flip splash onto Mason Andrews, but hits the top of his head on the bottom rope. Many people don’t know, but those ropes are made from steel cables. Sanjay needed medical attention but quickly came back into the match. Sanjay and Kenny King were on the X ropes and Kenny executed a neck breaker. Zima Ion and Sanjay Dutt find themselves at the top of the X Structure, easily a good 40 feet in the air, but Zima having the can of hairspray at the top of the structure, sprays Sanjay with the hairspray making Sanjay fall and leaving Zima the lone man at the top of the X to grab the X Division Championship. We now have a new X Division Champion.

Winner: Zima Ion

Match #9
The Main Event For the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Austin Aries (Challenger) vs Bobby Roode (Champion)
The two take sometime to get a feel for each other in this match, as this is their first meeting. We see that Aries is very careful regarding the move sets that he uses on Roode, so we can remain ahead of him, until Aries went for a flying tackle to the outside of the ring but misses Bobby Roode and flies directly into the steel guard rail. Roode then takes to Aries offensively with a gallant of moves on him, but with the combination of moves and even taunts from Roode telling him “You’re not even in my league”, Aries still kept the defense up against Roode. Aries regains his composure and is ready to turn things around on Roode, but Roode (due to good scouting) reversed Aries with a powerslam. Aries blocks a shoulder block and puts Roode in the last chancellory, but Roose rewverses it into the front crossface. Once again Aries reverses it and puts him in the Last Chancellory. But Roode Escapes. Aries missed the 450 splash with Roode giving Aries the spinebuster for a 2 count. Roode is trying to escape this match with giving Aries a lowbow behind the refs back, but still results in a two count. Roode is trying to get himself  DQ’d , but doesn’t work. Roode throws Aries into the ref and hits Aries with the belt…2 COUNT! Roode is besides himself going for the fisherman and is a 2 count. Aries hits the Brain Buster onto Booby Roode and 1-2-3 WE HAVE A NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Austin Aries wins the battle and the WAR! He Did It!

Winner: Austin Aries.

Overall of the PPV:
Wow, talk about a turnaround. I think it is safe to say that TNA has offcially found its niche and they found what it is that makes thenm stand out and be a quality promotion. This ppv focused striuckly on wrestling matches and the matches all told a helluva story. No frills at all in this ppv, it was as straight and narrow as it comes with some original elements. I really enjoyed the t\story being told regarding the road to the X division Championship. Making the focal point the X Division title is what helped to elevate legitimacy to the X Division championship. It lost some steam some years ago, but since Austin Aries won it a year ago it revived back and tonight shot it in another stratosphere. Zima Ion winning the title tonight was well deserved and i think he is a future player not only in TNA, but in Professional Wrestling as well. This PPV felt important, it didn’t just feel like a “regular ppv”. This PPV felt like it mattered and the elements of 2012 Destination X was endless. As you think about it, it was Austin Aries who won the X Division Championship a year ago at the same PPV, and here he is 1 year later wrestling for the World Heavyweight Championship. And per Austin Aries request to GM Hulk Hogan, this journey will continue on with TNA Destination X as every year, whomever the X Division champion is, will be able to challenge for the World Title. Always continuing this gem of a cycle that we have had for the last year. The X Division is BACK!

PPV Grade: A (97%)