Bob Backlund Makes WWE Return On Monday Night Raw

By Riley Schmitt

Bob Backlund was once on top of the pro wrestling world.  That time was long ago but that did not stop the former great from returning to Monday Night Raw to put Heath Slater in his place.  Backlund is just the latest to return to the company before the 1000th episode of Raw.

Bob Backlund was a great wrestler in almost every sense of the word.  He could wrestle with the best of him and his skills on the mat are almost unmatched.  He could put over a superstar, like he did for Diesel, and make him look like the most dangerous person on the planet.

Seeing Backlund return to the company was a great moment in my eyes.  Slater and company could only benefit from getting some exposure to a former great.  In fact, Slater is making out the best in this entire situation.  He gets to work with legends week in and week out.  That is certainly a great way to build up a character.

Although is is basically impossible, I wouldn’t mind seeing Backlund stick around for a bit.  He is a pretty good character but the company needs to focus on building new stars.  You could use the legends in that sense but I expect the legends would not want to job.

There is only one episode of Raw left before episode 1000 hits.  Who is going to be the next legend to return to the squared circle?  We can only wait and see.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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