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Monday Night Raw Wrap Up (7/9/2012)



We are just 6 nights away from WWE Money In The Bank PPV, making this edition of Monday Night Raw your “Go Home” edition. Going into this PPV, are a lot of questions that are being raised. How is Alberto Del Rio preparing for his match against Shemus for the World Heavyweight Championship? What could possibly be in the mind frame of the FOUR men participating in the Money In Bank Match for The WWE Championship? Knowing that they are once again close to the gold that they once held before. What about the participants in the Money In The Bank Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Knowing that all of these men with the exception of 2, have never held the World Title and Sunday could be their ticket to glory. And finally, how will AJ’s influence in both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan play a role in the WWE Championship title match at the PPV. Tonight, some or maybe all of these questions may be answered. Let us find out.

Raw Opening:

AJ comes out and cuts a small promo leading in to AJ bringing out WWE Champion CM Punk. AJ denies the existing problems that CM Punk accused her of having on Smackdown from last week. Punk stated that she may need “professional help”. AJ went on to say that she is in full control of the way how she feels and she is filled with passion and desire for CM Punk following with her stating that he turns her on. Bare with me readers, this still is pro wrestling not an epsiode of Gossip Girl. AJ states that she “knows what she has to do”. AJ proceeds to get on one knee and proposes to Punk. However, Bryan comes out and stops it. Reminding AJ that she is making a mistake and Punk is a manipulator. Bryan then explains his feelings to AJ and he proposes. Punk then interrupts, We get the “Raw General Manger” indicator, Michael Cole proudly uncovers the laptop. The Raw General Manager books a mix tag team main event Punk and AJ vs Bryan and Eve.

tonight will feature the 4 men involved in the WWE Championship Money In the Bank Ladder Match, in tag team action. The Big Show and Chris Jericho vs John Cena and Kane. Help me understand, but weren’t Kane and Cena just involved in an all out war program with each other a few months ago? Now they’re tag team partners?

Match #1
The World Heavyweight Champion Shemus vs Jack Swagger
Shwmus comes at Swagger with a head of steam and gives Shemus the Celtic Cross followed by the Brough Kick to put Swagger away with the 1-2-3. The match was less than 2 min long.

Winner: Shemus

Alberto Del Rio cuts a short and sweet video promo stating that he will indeed take Shemus’s belt.

Backstage Promo: Conversation between Zack Ryder and Santino. Santino is search for the Annyomons GM

The Rock Tweeted that he will be live at the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw.

Match #2
Tag team match of the participants in the World Heavyweight Championship Money In The Bank Match.
Christian and Tyson Kidd vs Lord Tensai and Dolph Ziggler
The match just started, no introductions or anything,. Quick match, Tensai was in the ring with Christian, and Tensai did a back splash on Christian while on the ground. And pins Christian for the 1-2-3. The match MAYBE was 2 min long.

Cole and King get into a bit of an argument at the commentators booth and Cole accidentally splashes water on Jerry. The GM indicator goes off and the message sent was. The GM sets up Lawler vs Cole tonight in the ring, in a “wrestlemania rematch” and will let the WWE universe decide if the match will take place. I think we know the answer to this. This is just a ploy for WWE to get some traffic to their website.

Match #3
Squash Time
Brodus Clay vs Drew McIntyre
Wow, haven’t seen Drew in a long time. Drew goes for a double ax handle from the top rope, which results in a head butt and splash from Clay. Clay gets the pin.

Winner: Brodus Clay

Raw 1000th Rewind- Stephanie bringing up the time when Stephanie faked her pregnancy in Feb 2002 to Triple H and when Triple H knew the whole thing was a sham and turned on Stephanie.

The first hour of Raw has about 5 min total of wrestling between 3 matches.

Match #4
John Cena and Kane vs Big Show and Chris Jericho
John Cena comes out first to cut a promo. Here we go. John sells the ppv and the importance of the match and how he will win. Just funny to me, seeing John Cena tagging Kane in and out of the ring when they were just mortal enemies 5 months ago. Raw compensates for thier lack of wrestling with giving us 20 min of this match. Cena gives the AA to Jericho and Big Show pulls out Cena, but the Bell rings? Match is over? Big Show pulls out a couple of ladders aftger leveling Cena and Kane. Show was about to use the ladder to crush Jericho, but Cena attacked Show with the ladder. Thats it. No decision.

Winner: No Contest???

Backstage promo between Eve and Punk. Eve giving Punk fair warning. Eve brings up how Punk has been overshadowed by the likes of The Rock, Cena, Big Show, Triple H and Brock Lesnar. But being overshadowed by Eve is emasculating. She must’ve been reading Rant Sports.

On the Money In the Bank Pre Show, you will see Hunico and Epico vs Kofi and R-Truth for the World Tag Team Championships. On the Preshow?

Match #5
Money In the Bank Qualifying Match (World Heavyweight Championship)
Sin Cara vs Heath Slater
Very short match, about 2-2.5 min and Sin Cara finds the victory. Cara will be the 8th man in the Money In The Bank Match; while the WWE Championship Match has 4.

Winner: Sin Cara

Heath Cuts a promo indicating that he can beast any former champion; Bob Backlund comes out.Backlund gets the crowd pleasing “you still got it chants”. Bob puts Slater n the crossface chicken wing and makes Heath tap out.

The polls are in. 75% to 25% the majority of the people want to see Lawler vs Cole.

Match #6
Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole

Cole tries to escape, Booker T throws him back in, Lawler airplane spins Cole and pins him, 1-2-3. Less than 1 min. The GM sends an email saying the decision is reversed. Cole wins. The Santino comes out and states that the GM has to be under the ring, come to find out it was Hornswoggle who has been causing the mischief. Hornswoggle kicks Lawler in the leg, bites Santino on the butt and kicks Cole in the leg and leaves. Wow.

Match #7
Daniel Bryan and Eve Torres vs CM Punk and AJ
Punk and Bryan start out the match with each other. Some good back n forth, but AJ tags herself in and must wrestle Eve. AJ and Eve show off a variety of inring skills on each other. Eve goes for the tag, but Bryan refuses. AJ rolls up Eve for the win.  (3 min)

Winner: AJ and CM Punk

Bryan stated that AJ means more to him than a vicory and suggest that him and her leave and get married. CM Punk disagrees with Bryans intentions. Stating that he only wants her to help him win the title. Punk then announces that he not going to marry AJ, and that he cares enough about her to be honest. AJ proceeds to slap Punk. Bryan gets slapped by AJ as well. AJ leaves the ring chanting “Yes”. The same ending we have seen 3 weeks straight. Please let this storyline end.

Raw was a screaming contrast to TNA’s PPV last night. And if this was the show that is used to sell a major WWE PPV, then this was a bonafied fail. Not even worth the overall review.

Grade: D- (61%)



Maurice D. Proffit is a Sports Writer for Rant Sports