Has The WWE Cut Ties With Diva Kharma?

By Riley Schmitt

When the WWE signed Kharma, a lot of people thought the Divas division was going to finally get the attention it deserved.  She debuted by squashing divas left and right until it was discovered that she was pregnant.  That meant she had to stop wrestling, but she miscarried her child.  Now it looks like she is gone from the company.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/Kharma/status/223528006617014273″]

Kharma says she was promoted to the Alumni section, which is for people who are longer in the company. That is not a good thing at all.  She could have actually caused people to care about women wresting for at least a little bit.  Remember her return at the Royal Rumble?  A lot of people thought she was coming back for a title run.

If Kharma truly is released, I think that the WWE has sent a strong statement to how the feel about the women’s division.  It is their for filler and nothing else.  It does not matter if you can wrestle, it only matters if you look good.

This is a sad thing to see as she never got to wrestle an official match with the company.  There has been no word if she has been officially released, but it sounds like that is merely a formality.  Kharma is gone before she ever got to wrestle a match in a company that needs women wrestlers.

There is a reason that the company has fallen on hard times and moves like this do not help.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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