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WWE Rumors: Chris Jericho To Win Money in the Bank

As we get closer to the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View, the latest WWE Rumors have Chris Jericho walking away with the WWE championship briefcase.

MITB not only leads into Summerslam this year, but also the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw. At this time there are no rumors of the title changing hands on the 1000th Raw, but it would be a good spot for Jericho to cash in the briefcase.

The rumored plan at this time, is for a championship match at Summerslam with John Cena challenging CM Punk.

So why would Jericho win at MITB?

Jericho winning the briefcase would be nothing more than what they call a “swerve.” A swerve occurs when the outcome of the match is so obvious (Cena winning), that WWE decides to throw the fans for a loop and have someone else walk away victorious.

It’s unlikely Jericho would again challenge Punk at Summerslam, so many people think he will become the first person to ever cash in the MITB briefcase and lose. Jericho’s loss would then create an opening for a new No. 1 contender, who will most likely be John Cena.

Jericho could very well try to cash in the briefcase on the 1000th episode of Raw, which would make for entertaining television…

At this time, Jericho’s WWE future is up in the air, as he’s stated that his top priority is his band Fozzy, and the details of his contract with WWE are unknown…

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