John Cena Winning Money In The Bank Was Horrible Booking

By Riley Schmitt

Raise your hand if you thought John Cena was going to leave Sunday’s pay per view without winning.  Now put your hands down because everyone knew the second that Cena said he was going to be in the Raw match at Money In The Bank, Cena was going to walk out with a guaranteed title shot.  Lazy booking, thy name is WWE.

There is no reason to have established stars ever in a MITB match.  That title shot can be used to elevate other talent and allow the main event to stay fresh.  I guess we can’t do that, so we need to give John Cena a guaranteed title reign.  There is no way Cena becomes the first guy to fail to cash in the briefcase.

Cena does not need the title to get over.  He is by far the most over person in the company and has no worries about ever losing his top spot.  He is the money maker for the company so at the top he will always set.  There is no reason to give him something that could be used better elsewhere.  Sure, John Cena can say he has now won a MITB match.  Cool.  How does that advance any stories whatsoever?

This is another copout by the booking crew.  They don’t trust anyone else, so let’s give the thing to Cena so he can embark on another reign where he “overcomes the odds” or “rises above hate” or does some other stupid phrase.  Cena winning this match took it away from someone who could have used it.  Once again, Cena is the protected golden boy of the company.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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