WWE Money In The Bank 2012 PPV Results

By Maurice D. Proffit

WWE Money In the Bank 2012 Results


Tonight was the 3rd Annual WWE Money In the Bank Pay Per View.  This event was live from the US Airways Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Last year’s Money In the Bank PPV was heralded as the greatest PPV of 2011, which was headlined by CM Punk vs John Cena for the WWE Championship, live from Chicago, IL. Did tonight’s ppv live up to its expectations? Let us all find out.


Match #1

World Heavyweight Championship Money In the Bank Ladder Match:

Christian (Intercontinental Champion) vs Dolph Ziggler vs Cody Rhodes vs Santino Marella (US Champion) vs Damien Sandow vs Tyson Kidd vs Sin Cara vs Lord Tensai

The early going of the match, saw many 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 spots. Cody and Dolphs exchange was rather impressive. This is both Cody’s and Dolph’s 3rd MITB match, will 3 times be a charm for either of them? The beauty of this match are the defensive efforts that take place to prevent your opponents from grabbing the case. I guess that would put the WHC MITB match participants at the disadvantage, since its more to worry about. Christian was a finger touch away from grabbing the case at one point, but Damien Sandow has other plans. Christina soon countered with a reverse DDT and minutes later a short spear into a leaned ladder in the corner, on Damien. Later in the match Lord Tensai was inches away as well, but Christian, on the defensive end, stops it. Santino shows a bit of a mean streak when he “cobra’d” Ziggler and went after the case. Cody had an answer for him as he gave him a dropkick to kick him off the ladder. Cody was climbing the ladder, but Vicki Guerrero distracted him to allow Ziggler to grab the ladder and climb up. Christian stops him. We see an impressive spot by Tyson Kidd where he leans his ladder on the side of Dolphs and does a modified sunset flip in the air to Dolph, very impressive. We see aggression from Tensai when Tensai powerbombs Sin Car on a ladder on the outside of the ring, followed up with a massive throw on Dolph over the commentators booth. Just as Christian was about to grab the briefcase, Zolph Ziggler comes from out of no where and pushed Christian off the ladder, Zolph climbs and attains the briefcase. Indeed, 3rd times is a charm afterall!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler



The Miz comes out and cuts a short promo, indicating that he has been in Hollywood filming a movie and that he was treated with the respect he deserves. He is tired of hearing the WWE title MITB participants talk their talk, as since he was a former WWE Champion, its time for him to be the one who walks the walk, as he will be involved in tonight’s WWE Championship Money In the Bank match. As speculated here first on Rant Sports for the past few weeks.


Match #2

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Sheamus (World Heavyweight Champion) vs Alberto Del Rio (challenger)

This match started off very solid, where we see Sheamus concentrating on many hard hitting and attacking moves to potentially put Del Rio away early. Due to Del Rio still being quite fresh, Del Rio still had plenty in the take to turn things around for the match to be in his control, and indeed that was the case.  Both men are strong ground and pound type athletes so it had a very grounded wrestling game from the two men. Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker, Sheamus pushes Del Rio into the ropes, Sheamus goes after him, goes over the ropes as Del Rio ducks, but Sheamus launches himself over the ropes and tackles Del Rio. Sheamus gives Del Rio the chest pounds against the ropes, but shortly after, continues to work the arm by sling shotting the arm off the ropes. Del Rio is working that arm the whole match for that cross arm breaker. Sheamus misses the Broughe Kick and gets trapped in the back breaker, but Sheamus kicks out of the pin. Sheamus chatches Del Rio into “White Noise” but doesn’t go for the pin, instead goes for the Broughe kick. Sheamus connects and goes for the pin. Sheamus sucessfull;y retains the world title.

Winner: Sheamus (Still World Heavyweight Champion)


Match #3

The Primetime Players (with AW) vs Epico and Primo (with Rosa Mendez)

The World Tag Team Champions were on commentary during this match. This match was originally R-Truth and Kofi vs Epico and Primo on the pre show, but apparently it was moved. I spoke about this yesterday, where I had a problem with the tag team champions wrestling on a ppv pre show. Abraham Washinton, the head of “All World Promotions” and manager of the Prime Time Players, was on his house headset adding additional commentary during the match. The Primetime Players look to be much more cohesive and are fairing much better as a team together, were we have more systematic double teams from them. Washington gave some entertaining commentary. Epico found Darren Young in a reverse back cracker (modified code breaker). And rolled up Darren for the win. However, The Primetime Players are still the number one one contenders for the tag team championships.

Winner: Epico and Primo


Match #4

The WWE Championship Match (No Disqualification)

CM Punk (WWE Champion) vs Daniel Bryan (Challenger) with AJ as the special guest ref.

After 2.5 months of build up and soap opera storyline, everything now comes to this match. The match starts off solid with both men getting a solid feel from each other. Heightened aggression was definitely on the docket for both men since this would be a No DQ match. And speaking of this being a No DQ match, its interesting the added that stipulation. I guess, giving that AJ is an inexperienced ref, it would have to be. How can she make adequate calls? During the match, AJ was coming back into the ring, when Bryan pushed Punk into her, knocking her out of the match. Referee Mike Chioda takes over to ref the championship match. When this occurred, Bryan gained the upper hand. The crowd started to chant “We Want Tables” and Punk pulled out a table from under the ring. However, Daniel topped that with slamming Punk on the ground and pulling out a kendo stick to use as a weapon. Bryan was already working Punks ribs from earlier and the kendo stick came in perfect time to add to the abuse with multiple hits with the stick. But after a missed top rope splash by Bryan, Punk was able to gain some offense and put work on Bryan. The back and forth exchange begins. Punk gains control of the Kendo stick and puts multiple hits on Bryan with it. Bryan catches Punk as he was going to the top rope and delivers a beautiful super plex. AJ comes back to ringside to continue her ref duties, Mike Chioda leaves. AJ bring a chair into the ring as both mean are knocked out and leaves int he middle of the ring to see who gets to it first. Bryan gets the chair and uses it on Punk, but only gets a 2 count. Punk rolls Bryan up and gets the same result. The chair has become a unique weapon in this match as it was used in the corner, as a padding for a slam and a missed elbow by Punk. Bryan traps Punk in the “Yes Lock” with the kendo stick. Punk counters with a slingshot to the GTS on Bryan. Bryan kicks out. Minutes later, we see thst the table is set in the middle of the ring. CM Punk gives Daniel Bryan a side belly to back suplex onto the table and puts Bryan away with the 1-2-3.

Winner: CM Punk (retains WWE Championship)


Match #5

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks vs Ryback

Typical squash match by Ryback as he takes them both out. Looking forward to seeing him have a real match with a real competitor. Funny how we got “Goldberg” chants from the crowd. Essentially, yeah. Ryback puts in short work before the main event. Surprisingly, Hawkins and Reks got some offense in this match. Ryback gets the quick upper hand and gives Reks the “Shell Shock”.

Winner: Ryback


Match #6

Six Divas Match

Leyla (Divas Champion), Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka vs Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve Torres.

Another unadvertised match. We will not see them all get in the ring for this one. I expected this to be quick. Match started out with Tamia and Natalya with a quick exchange. Kaitlyn is doing most of the work on the faces end of the match as she exchanges with all 3 of the heel divas. Eventually, we see a donnybrool in this match, Leyla give Beth a neck breaker and gets the victory.

Winner: Leyla, Kaitlyn and Tamina


Match #7

WWE Championship Money In the Bank Match

John Cena vs The Big Show vs Chris Jericho vs Kane vs The Miz

This match is being tagged as the “most prestigious ladder match of all time” due to the championship lineage. The match immediately starts out hot. Big Show did a good job establishing early dominance within the match by overpowering all of the contestants, showing that he is a weapon himself, all alone.  Early in the match, Cena clears out the Spanish announce table and gives The Big Show the attitude adjustment on the table, and all of the participants bury Big Show with a mountain of ladders. Now the match is pretty level in terms of the rest of the wrestlers, making Kane the heavy. Miz gets close to the ladder at one point, but Kane stops him in his tracks, but both Jericho and Miz stop him to deliver a double suplex on the ladder. Cena gets the advantage by giving Jericho and Miz both a 5 knuckle shuffle, and then slams Kane on the ladder. Big Show is now back in the ring and in the match. The Big Show bring back out the Super Ladder from two years ago, that can easily hold him. Its amazing how the commentators sell it as if they’ve never seen it before. Kinda dumb. However, this will be the ladder used to climb to victory obviously. We see a spot where both Jericho and Cena were on the Ladder with Jericho giving Cena the sleeper hold, and Cena slipping in and out of consciousnesses and finally drops off the ladder. this bring Miz and Jericho trying to fight over the case and come so close. Big Show gives both of them the knock out punch and Cena runs up snd hit Big Show with the case and unhooks the case.

Winner: John Cena



This was a very typical WWE PPV. Didn’t really stand out. Last years MITB PPV was beyond exceptional and like stated before, arguably the best PPV of the year last year. Not a terrible PPV, but not stellar either. John Cena wins, nothing too new there. Its going to be interesting to see which direction WWE will take now, going into their summer classic, Summer Slam. And by the looks of the rumors, Summer Slam 2012 will be something that we wont forget. Looking forward to the 1000th Raw episode.

GRADE: C+ (79%)


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports

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