Rikishi Returns To Monday Night Raw To Squash Heath Slater

By Riley Schmitt

Rikishi has been away from pro wrestling for a little while, but he returned to Monday Night Raw to be the next legend to take on Heath Slater.  If you have been following this script, Rikishi managed to squash Slater, like every other legend.


Let me put it this way.  Rikishi is way bigger than he was during his original run and that is not a good thing.  He honestly looks like he put on 50 pounds since he left the company.  That is not a good thing.  I liked watching him perform when he was agile but I don’t think he can do that anymore.  He is just too big.

For the one off appearance, I was fine with this.  I just don’t expect Rikishi to do anything long term.  He was in the worst shape out of all the legends who came back.  That is not good, considering he is the youngest out of all of them.

The 100th Raw is next week and there will be more legends returning.  I hope all of them are in better shape than Rikishi is.  This was just sad to see.  He was a big guy when he was wrestling in the past, but this was just over the top.  No guy should be that big.  Hopefully he is able to cut weight and at least look healthy.

It was a good for the fans and it was good for Slater to get more exposure with Rikishi.  Now, let’s have the guy lose some weight so he can make a return.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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