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Ca$h’s Corner – John Cena and His Briefcase

John Cena’s not so bad, is he?

I get that he’s the face of the company.  And yes, I understand that he main events every show, Pay-Per-View or televised, match or promo.  And yeah, I know that he wins every match.  All the time.  EVERYTIME.  But c’mon.  He’s not that bad.

Forgive my facetious diatribe in the paragraph above, because it’s no secret that John Cena is public enemy number one with internet wrestling fans.  You here those boos he gets?  That’s the IWC (internet wrestling community).  Regardless of what he does, internet fans continue to hate the character he portrays.  This makes his success, especially most recently with him winning the Money in the Bank contract for a WWE Championship match (in his first try, by the way,) even more sickening to internet fans.  Here’s the thing though.  It’s actually a  wonderful move for a couple of reasons.

First, in the context of the participants that were in the match, he’s the only interesting winner of the bunch.  Sure, it would have been nice to see the returning Miz defy the odds (again) and win the MITB contract in his first match back.  Nonetheless, Cena brings much more intrigue to the fray.  Will he turn heel?  Will he cash in on WWE Champion CM Punk while he’s beaten down?  Will he announce the date he’s going to cash in ahead of time?  After last night’s Raw, we know the answer to that.  Cena announced that he will face CM Punk for the WWE Championship at next week’s 1000th episode of Raw.  That brings me to my next point.

John Cena, the biggest star WWE has, is fighting for the WWE Championship on a Raw.  Regardless of how magnamous this Raw is, it’s still the weekly show.  He could’ve announced it for SummerSlam.  He could’ve saved it for WrestleMania.  Instead, he gave CM Punk one week’s notice to get ready for the match.  As much as the IWC thinks Cena hogs the spotlight, all other MITB winners had storylines revolving around their MITB win.  Cena is just going to fight.  And it’s been proven that Punk VS Cena matches are great.

Most importantly, I think that Cena will be the first person to ever lose after cashing in their MITB briefcase.  CM Punk has been on a roll as of late, just passing 8 months in his current championship reign.  Also, Cena’s rival The Rock will be in the building.  Above all, Cena has jobbed in big matches.  Cena gave Rob Van Dam, Sheamus, The Miz, Edge, Alberto Del Rio their first world championship reigns.  Cena also lost to CM Punk in the match that cemented Punk as a star.  If Cena is the first person to lose, it will be huge for not only the MITB contract in general, but for the company.  When John Cena loses, it makes a bigger splash than when he wins.  Losing a third time to Punk, regardless of how, will push Punk up the ladder and build intrigue for the business.

Just like usual, John Cena can change the complexion of the WWE.  If he wins or if he loses, it will send shockwaves throughout the company and set the precedent for the foreseeable future.  And he most assuredly will do it with a smile on his face.  See, I told you he’s not so bad a guy.