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Pro Wrestling

Ca$h’s Corner: The Best Wrestling Show On Television and Internet

If you’re a wrestling fan, it’s perfectly understandable for you to be critical of the product from time to time.  The WWE has a tendency to fall into a lull.  Part of it is the lack of competition, and part of it is just that that new, huge storyline rarely comes.  Thinks are amping up with the 1000th episode of Raw shaping up to be something like a Pay-Per-View, and the 25th SummerSlam a couple of weeks later.  But for those fans of the product  that are still down on the product, I would like to bring to your attention thebest show on television…I mean the internet.


I know all of you are groaning at the thought of NXT being a great show, but trust me, it’s worth your time.  WWE, mainly Triple H, has completely revamped the style of the show.  Gone are the horrible challenges and the useless matches.  Now, the show is a true developmental show.  Each wrestler is given a true chance to shine, with each person getting a chance to show who they are inside that ring and why you should care about them.  The top wrestlers from Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s developmental territory, and lower-card wrestlers from Raw and Smackdown make up the roster.  Also, with the wit of William Regal, the excitement of Bryon Saxton, and the legendary Jim Ross calling the action; the show is a wonderful program from start to finish.

More than anything, the show has put an emphasis on two things that the WWE has a tendency to forget about every now and then: in-ring wrestling and character development.  Every show, there are numerous introductory vignettes giving you an idea of who that character is.  Additionally, each character seems fresh and not forced.  Here are some examples

Bray Wyatt – the former Husky Harris is the shining star of the show.  Having only wrestled once due to an unforeseen injury, Wyatt plays a perfect version of Max Cady from the movie Cape Fear, psychotically talking about faith and not being afraid anymore

Seth Rollins – known as Tyler Black in the Indies, the CM Punk clone is amazing in the ring as the show’s top face, and is known for having a hard rock style, in the ring and out

Leo Kruger – from Johannesburg, South Africa, Kruger patters himself as the top lion in the jungle.  With a look like TNA’s Bobby Roode and wrestling skills to match, Kruger is one of the best on the show

Richie Steamboat – the lauded son of Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat is a chip off the old block.  Ritchie has his father’s in ring ability with a youthful exuberance even his dad didn’t have

Bo Dallas – coming from two generations of wrestling, this third generation star has a smile that lights up any room.  That doesn’t mean that he won’t kick your teeth in though

Kassius Ohno – Taking his first name from Muhammad Ali and his last name from the words you  say when you see him, the former Chris Hero is one of the top stars on NXT.  And he will knock you out

The Ascension – Yes, NXT has tag team wrestling too!  Connor O’Brian and Kenneth Cameron play the dark, vampire like gimmick to perfection

With main roster guys such as Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Derrick Bateman, Johnny Curtis, Tyson Kidd, Michael McGuillicutty, Camacho, Hunico, and the Usos; NXT has a great mix of the right superstars with the right outlet to show them.  The only way to watch the show in the US presently is on YouTube, seeing as the show doesn’t have a home on television.  Trust me, it’s well worth it.