Kelly Kelly Returning To WWE For 1000th Episode Of Monday Night Raw

By Riley Schmitt

Kelly Kelly has been absent from WWE for a number of weeks but the popular diva will return to Monday Night Raw for the 1000th episode of Raw.  The company has been trying to get every big name back to the company for this episode and it looks like Kelly is back.

It is unclear if Kelly Kelly will return full time, but it appears doubtful.  She seems to be done with the company and she wants to branch out into modeling and acting.  Can’t fault her for that, as she spent every week on the road since she debuted in WWECW almost seven years ago.

The divas division is slowly starting to get more exposure on the main shows and having Kelly Kelly gone actually helps that.  It does not hurt to have divas on the show who can actually wrestle.  The company wants to get away from models turned wrestlers and start signing wrestlers who actually know how to wrestle.

Expect her to get a big pop when she comes out but don’t expect her to stick around for very long.  The company and one of their most famous divas really do not need each other anymore.  The company wants wrestlers and that is something that Kelly Kelly simply can not do.  It is not a knock on her but she never really showed enough skills in the ring to be able to compete with the top divas.  Nostalgia will win out for a night and that is good enough.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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