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Chavo Guerrero gets an immediate taste of Impact Wrestling

Finally, after the announcement hit the air waves last week, Chavo Guerrero Jr. makes his TNA debut tonight on Impact Wrestling.

This is Chavo’s first time in the Impact Zone, as he made his way down the aisle, dressed in a black suit, pink shirt and black shoes. Obviously, as he was stepping in the ring, his focus was on addressing the crowd. Chavo made it known that his career was far from being over. As he has wold championship gold on just about every major continent on the globe. In addition, every major wrestling promotion he has been a part of, he has worn championship gold as well. With the exception of TNA Wrestling. But Chavo plans to change this. As Chavo was making his proclamation to the audience, he was interrupted by Kid Kash and Gunner. Kash put the verbal lashing to works as he was mocking Chavo’s wrestling family lineage. Making light of the fact that every member of his family was a pro wrestler, and that he is a “self proclaimed” legend. When insults went too far, Chavo attacked Kash, but Gunner assisted and it became a 2 on 1 situation, putting Chavo at the disadvantage. But a short time later, Hernandez (formally of LAX and Mexican America) ran down the aisle and assisted Chavo to gain the advantage.

A few things.

-It was GREAT to see Chavo again. Chavo looks to be in top shape as well. Like i stated in last weeks article, Chavo is going to be a gem in the company, in terms of putting younger talent over and most of all, being there for them to learn from. Young talent, please pick this mans brain!

- Soooooo, Hernandez is a face now? I was really enjoying Mexican America tag team. I still think that Hernandez should wear the world title eventually. But teamed with Chavo, that’s obviously being delayed. Unless, they have him do an incredible heel turn.

-Chavo winning championship gold will only be good if its transitional, not for the long term.

Overall, great seeing a new addition in TNA. Should be an interesting ride. Chavo is no stranger to the company anyway, as he was working in Ring Ka King (a subsidiary wrestling company of TNA that is in India) for a while as well.


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports