Is The nWo "BAND" Getting Back Together for One More Run?

By Maurice D. Proffit

When you think of Professional Wrestling, you automatically think of a few factors, Hulk Hogan, Wrestlemania, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Attitude Era. There is also one more factor of pro wrestling that always gets brought up in the conversation and no matter your feelings, you always stand passionate with your side. That is, arguably the best faction in the history of pro wrestling, The New World Order (nWo).

In the mid to late 90’s, the nWo was indeed the most talked about subject in professional wrestling, and may’ve been the catalyst of the rebirth of the popularity of pro wrestling in the 90’s. Professional Wrestling was once the hottest and coolest fad to be a fan of, and after the novelty wore off, so did the fans. It was the nWo which gave wrestling another shot of adrenaline to have a shot at life and popularity and they lived it out to the fullest. Now, with it being 12 years later since the top of its popularity, is there a chance that we may be witnessing the rebirth of the nWo?

According to former leader of the nWo Wolfpack; Kevin Nash, the answer is YES.

Earlier today, on twitter, Nash tweeted the following.

A lot of you wanted an NWO reunion,there will be one.As you know we only come in take over mode.Stay tuned!!!

We can make this happen.Wear your NWO shirts ,bring NWO signs and chant NWO when our Champion comes out! The NWO must live on C.M Punk is it

There are a few elements to this tweet. Nash declaring an nWo reunion. Then he goes on to make it seems more symbolic than actual. But the topper was his mention to CM Punk, and being THEIR champion.

As many witnessed on Monday Night Raw, this past Monday at the 1000th episode, CM Punk turned on The Rock, and may’ve made the proverbial “heel turn”. And Nash’s tweet could support this. Though Punk is more (and better) of a loner, could this be a possibility, since Punk tends to embrace the more throwback style of pro wrestling? Or could Nash just be messing with wrestling fans on twitter. Only thing that is certain is that Punk will have to explain his actions on The Rock and a more renegade Punk is a high possibility that we may be getting. And who better to learn from, than the all time greatest renegades of all time, the nWo.

Stay Tuned!


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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