The World of Wrestling, Historically, on July 28th

By Maurice D. Proffit

This Day in Pro Wrestling History


Here at Rant Sports we are proud to  run a “This Day in Pro Wrestling History” piece, highlighting various events from all of the major US promotions (past and present) that pin point an occurrence that took place in pro wrestling’s past. Weather if it was a small event or something historic, the occurrences still is a part of history that deserves to be recognized. Enjoy this next piece of many of “This Day in Pro Wrestling History”.




Promotion: WWF/WWE (World Wrestling Federation/World Wrestling Entertainment)

Event: WWF Shotgun Saturday Night

Date: July 28th 1997

Main Event: Owen Hart and British Bulldog vs Blackjack Bradshaw and Blackjack Wyndham (Winner: Owen Hart and British Bulldog)


Promotion: TNA (Total Non-Stop Action)

Event: NWA TNA Weekly PPV #104

Date: July 28th 2004

Main Event: Frankie Kaziarian vs Michael Shane vs AJ Styles in an “Ultimate X” 3 Way for the NWA X-Division Title (Winner: Frankie Kaziarian and Michael Shane)


Promotion: WCW (World Championship Wrestling)

Event: WCW Monday Nitro

Date: July 28th 1997

Main Event: Scott Stiner vs Macho Man Randy Savage (Winner: Scott Stiner via DQ)


Promotion: ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling)

Event: ECW New York City Show

Date: July 28th 1995

Main Event: Cactus Jack vs The Sandman for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship (Winner: Cactus Jack via DQ)


Promotion: ZERO-ONE (Japan)

Event: Fire Festival ’02

Date: July 28th 2002

Main Event: C. W. Anderson & The Predator & Tom Howard vs Masato Tanaka & Shinya Hashimoto & Tatsuhito Takaiwa  in a 6 person tag match (Winner:   C. W. Anderson & The Predator & Tom Howard)



Wrestlers Born on July 28th

Captain Lou Albano (1933)

-Mr. Wrestling Tim Woods (1934)

-Lioness Asuka (1963)



Wrestlers Who Died on July 28th

-Karl Gotch (1924)



Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports

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