SummerSlam Rage In The Cage In Chi-Town!

By Maurice D. Proffit




SummerSlam 1994

Date: August 29TH 1994

City: Chicago, IL

Venue: The United Center

Combined Attendance: 23,000

Sub-Theme: “So Hot, Its Scary”

In the Summer of 1994, Chicago, IL open the doors for the first time of the new home of the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks, replacing the Chicago Stadium is the brand new United Center. However, before Michael Jordan or Jeremy Roenick could step to the court of the ice, the World Wrestling Federation would be the first sporting event to take place in the brand new arena.

This SummerSlam would be the final conclusion to the mystery of The Undertaker. Back at the Royal Rumble, The Undertaker loss his match as he challenged Yokozuna for the WWF Championship in a casket match. Takers loss lead to him going into exile for a while. However, in the early part of the Summer, The Million Dollar Man, ted Dibiase would reveal that he actually has been in contact with The Undertaker and would produce the Undertaker. Sure enough Diabiase lived up to his word and brought the Undertaker back on Raw in early June. But Paul Barrer denied that that was the real Undertaker and the real Undertaker will be at SummerSlam. So if that’s not really Taker, then who is the man in the ring with Dibiase? Lets find out.

For a card with only 8 matches, these were 8 very meaningful matches, that all were coming to either a close or would be the start of a new beginning of new rivalries and storylines. To add to this, unbeknownst to the WWF audience, a title change occurred, the night before in Hammond, IN. Diesel and Shawn Micheals defeated The Headshrinkers to win the WWF Tag Team Titles. Diesel was now the Intercontinental Champion and one half of the Tag Team Champions. Like what he said in his promo, he had the touch of Midas. Diesel was defending his title against Razor Ramon and both him and Shawn looked absolutely electric with all of their championship gold they had draped on them. However, Razor did not allow that to obscure his vision, as he was dead set on taking one of those belts from the two. Razor had an answer for Shawn being in Diesel corner, and Razor had along with him, Chicago Bears legend, Walter Payton. Having a Superbowl legend in your corner is the advantage that is unanswered as Razor Ramon would overcome the 7ft monster and win the WWF Intercontinental Championship

The WWF Championship would be on the line, to follow up from their epic battle from earlier in the year from Wrestlemania 10, Bret “The Hitman” Hart would defend the World Wrestling Federation Championship against “The King of Harts” Owen Hart in a steel cage match. While Bret was dealing with The Flu, both men also had to deal with the fact that the entire hart family  was sitting at ringside watching the match. Back at the King of The Ring, Bret brought back his old Tag Team Partner, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, but it would be Owen that Jim would pledge his allegiance to. With the cage environment and Jim watching his back, Bret was in the disadvantage and Owen could taste championship victory happening very soon. Along with the rest of the Harts at ringside was The British Bulldog, returning, who happens to be their brother in law. Bret and Owen took it to each other and gave the cage a run for its money as both men tested every area of that cage to the limits and beyond. If we watched a clinic at Mania, we got the healthcare system at SummerSlam where we saw some of the best innovative moves. Bret was just one step ahead of his younger brother and gain him the escape and scored the win to retain the championship.

The night concluded with the mystery of The Undertaker  finally being solved. Such a big issue that even super sleuth Leslie Neisen got involved to figure out the mystery! Ted Dibiase entered the ring and introduced The Undertaker. The man that we have been seeing for the last couple of months enters the arena/ring. Dibiase still doesn’t know who Berrer will produce as he has the real Undertaker. Paul Bearrer comes out with an over sized urn, which he opens in the ring and looks more like a glorified flashlight, to let us know that “the power” of the undertaker is among us and is here. After months of questions, months of speculation and months of doubt, the familiar tones of the “gong” ring ever so loud through the United, but it was a different tone though. With a different  theme, a splash of color added and having a distinct height advantage, it was clear that this was the real Undertaker. The questions were no more and it was officially on. This match was complete short work for the real undertaker as he did not show any signs of being at the disadvantage to the fake Undertaker at all. A tombstone later, the fake Undertaker was done. And the Real Undertaker was back.


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports

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