CM Punk: Best Heel in the World

By catherineoliver

It’s no secret that CM Punk’s turn from face to heel was bound to happen sooner or later.

For WWE fans, this about face comes with a hefty does of the Punk we all know and love. From his days in Ring of Honor and the Summer of Punk, to his defeat of John Cena at Money in the Bank in his hometown of Chicago, and most recently his demands of the WWE universe to, “Show him some respect!” CM Punk is everything a heel should be in the WWE.

After winning his triple threat match this past Sunday at Summerslam, CM Punk is setting up for a wonderful run of being the Best Heel in the World. If the WWE wants to continue his feud with John Cena, having Punk go full-stop heel is the best way to accomplish this. Punk not only can be convincing, he’s also great at the role–having no filter, little remorse, and a list of people who haven’t ‘shown him respect’ a mile long. Punk and Cena’s rivalry is continuing to escalate, and Punk’s Twitter feed contains a shout out to John Cena for insisting that Punk’s win over himself and the Big Show was just ‘luck.’ and digging at the WWE’s golden boy for not #respecting Punk’s victory over his two fellow superstars.

Last night on RAW, Punk had another moment where he proved without a shadow of a doubt that he is the Best Heel in the World by not only attacking Jerry Lawler, but demanding respect of John Cena and the WWE universe. This was of course following an impassioned speech from John Cena, who told Punk under no circumstances would he accept Punk’s title offer on RAW. Cena refused to call Punk the Best in the World, and told Punk to choose him as an opponent at Night of Champions in September.

Following this, Punk turned his attention back to Jerry Lawler. Punk demanded that Lawler tell the WWE universe that CM Punk was the Best in the World. Lawler refused, and as he was turning to leave–Punk’s boot caught him in the head, knocking him out cold. WWE caught up to Punk after the attack, and upon being asked why he did so, Punk’s reply was a steely diatribe detailing that Jerry ‘turned his back’ on Punk. Punk vowed to deliver the same treatment to anyone who ‘turned their backs’ on him from that point on.

With the once-infatuated AJ now running the show on Raw (and having become disenchanted with Punk’s ways), Punk’s heel turn could get him into trouble with the volatile–and dare I say it–crazy? Raw GM. We’ve seen how malicious AJ can be given the triple threat match this past Sunday, and if Punk wants to continue demanding respect from the WWE universe, he should probably stay out of AJ’s way.

Is CM Punk living up to being the Best Heel in the World, or should he stick to always coming in second to Cena as a face? Time will tell where CM Punk’s path to respect will take him as we head into Night of Champions September 16th in Boston.

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