Dolph Ziggler Attempts to go ‘All In’ on Smackdown

By catherineoliver
After the events of Friday Night Smackdown, I’m feeling a lot more charitable 
toward Dolph Ziggler than I have in the past.

He’s clearly itching to lose his newly won Money in the Bank Title, and I say let him.
If he’s foolish enough to cash it in against a battered Sheamus, he deserves to lose.
Sheamus has proven time and time again to the WWE Universe that he does his best work
when the chips are down, and Ziggler cashing in on his Money in the Bank contract
would be just the thing Sheamus needed to show Dolph what for.

Despite more than a few attempts to do so this past Friday on Smackdown,
every attempt Dolph made to cash in his contract was thwarted.
I’m not saying Dolph couldn’t pull off the win, but it would certainly be something the Showoff would have to work for. 

That brings me to Randy Orton, who laid Dolph out flat for costing him a shot
at Sheamus’ title this past Friday on Smackdown.

If there’s a match I’m dying to see, it’s Sheamus and Randy Orton.
Both of those guys leave it all in the ring, and they embody everything a superstar in the WWE should be.
If you put Dolph in there too as a Triple Threat match? Awesome.
I’d be willing to bet Alberto del Rio would have something to say about that, though...
So a girl can dream, can’t she?

Booker T giving Randy a shot at Sheamus’ World Heavyweight title just
to piss off Alberto wasn’t something I was expecting.
Then again, as much as it pains me to admit it--Sheamus shouldn’t have won the match at Summerslam.
Del Rio’s foot was clearly on the ropes, and if the situation were reversed,
the WWE Universe would be up in arms about it.

Dolph’s got a lot of competition if he’s gunning for Sheamus. He’s probably
going to have to get in line behind Alberto and Randy, unless he cashes in his Money in the Bank title. 

Do I want Dolph Ziggler to foolishly cash in Money in the Bank against any of these other superstars?
You bet I do. Dolph Ziggler is a great wrestler, but he’s also brash, arrogant, and headstrong.
Not surprisingly, so are Sheamus, Del Rio, and Orton--so the match would be pretty entertaining from the start.
If Dolph ditched Vickie I could watch him all day every day, but having to hear her scream every week
for the last who-knows-how-long is wearing on my patience. I think Dolph’s going to make a few more
attempts to cash in that contract before Night of Champions, so we haven’t seen the last of this yet.
If I was the betting type, I’m pretty sure that he’s going to
finally cash it in for real at the Pay-Per-View event September 16th in Boston.

Go right ahead, Dolph Ziggler. I’ve got seventh row seats, and you better believe I’ll be watching.
After all, it’s not showing off if you can back it up...Right?

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