The Long Awaited Return Of The WWF Scratch Logo

By Maurice D. Proffit

In the late spring of 2002, wrestling fans gathered around their television sets to ready themselves and take in an episode of Monday Night Raw. Once the show started, with the familiar signature, was an additional video vignette not accustomed to the show where we (the viewers) see the WWF logo visiting a barber? After the “visit”, the once familiar WWF scratch logo was without an “F” and it was just the overlapping “W”, with a graphic saying  “Get The F Out”.

World Wrestling Federation was no more. Exit WWF; Enter WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment.

This was due to the World Wide Fund for Nature (formally the World Wildlife Fund) capitalizing and winning a lawsuit against The World Wrestling Federation over the three letter combination, due to WWF’s negligence on their original agreement with the World Wide Fund for Nature. The World Wrestling Federation was actually supposed to stop using “WWF” or revisit the agreement with the other WWF in the early nineties, but Vince McMahon and company didn’t make good on their word. You cannot really blame the wrestling WWF too much, as the three letters were synonymous with pro wrestling and not endangered animals. Once the World Wildlife Fund won this lawsuit, the WWE had to agree that all mention of WWF would be censored. This would include blurring out the WWF scratch logo on all merchandise and DVD library. Creating a visual disturbance when watching archived footage.

The Wrestling Observer recently made attempts to get comment from WWE directly on why the company is now allowed to show the old WWF scratch logo when they had previously had to blur it out on all old footage. WWE declined to comment. Despite the lack of details, a settlement of some kind went down prior to the 1,000th episode of Raw back in July between WWE and the World Wide Fund for Nature. Terms of the settlement were kept confidential. The belief is that WWE cut some kind of a deal to be allowed to feature the logo given the hassle of being forced to blur it out on old footage with plans to roll out the upcoming WWE Network.

As a fan, I am happy to see this take place. It will be very nice to finally rid that distraction.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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