WWE Star, Cameron, Gets A Little Tipsy Before Heading To Planet Funk

By Maurice D. Proffit

If you chose “Cameron” one half of “The Funkadelics” (the dancers for Brodus Clay), as the next WWE superstar to get a DUI, in your “WWE DUI” office pool, congratulations and begin to collect your winnings from your colleagues, as Cameron was arrested for a DUI last week in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Not only was one of the most active non-wrestlers, who gets a great amount of television time, put her self in this position of driving while under the influence, but to make matters worst, she allegedly made a bride the arresting officer $10,000.00 to let her go! The reason for the bride? She didn’t want to lose her job, as she listed her employer as “WWE”.

The report indicates the Cameron (on the right of the photo) blew a .20 in the breathalyzer, two times the legal limit. Along with Cameron was a male passenger, no word if it was the Funkasauraus, but Cameron did state that the two were drinking martinis before they got into the car. I always thought that Planet Funk was dry, but I see otherwise.

No word regarding what will happen with her, professionally, since this story has been made public now. A rep from the WWE, made a statement stating that they were not aware of this arrest taking place and they will take appropriate action.

Might have been a good idea for Cameron to inform this to the WWE immediately after the incident and not allow the media to inform them of this. In my opinion, since Cameron is just a mere back up dancer to one of the most over stars in the company, she is very expendable and its a good chance that the last domino is set to drop for her. We will stay on this story.

I guess somebody should’ve called HER mama, so she could’ve had a designated driver.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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