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Cameron Pays The High Price For Those Martinis…Not The Bill.

WWE Diva, Cameron has been suspended for 15 days from the WWE due to her DUI arrest last friday in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Last week, we here at Rant Sports reported on Cameron, one half of the “Funkadactyls” who are the back up dancers of Brodus Clay, was arrested and charged with a DUI, when pulled over, after leaving a night club with a male friend where she was a significant amount over the legal limit. It wasn’t so much the fact that she was pulled over for drinking (even though that is a big deal), but the fact that she bribed the arresting officer, $10,000 to let her go and pleaded for them to not tell her employer (which she listed as “WWE”) of what took place. On top of all of this, Cameron neglected to inform this to the WWE, so you can understand that the WWE was quite surprised when they received a phone call from various news outlets wanting to know more about the story.

Due to this, the WWE has taken the liberty to suspend Cameron for 15 days, starting on Friday 8/31/2012.

Cameron getting the suspension is building more heat upon her, that was already brewing.

In case you don’t know, Cameron was formally on the 2011 edition of WWE Tough Enough, hosted by Stone Cole Steve Austin, and she was one of the first contestants who was voted off. Recently after one of the WWE live events, Cameron confronted Austin, who was visiting the boys in the back while they were in town, and she threw in his face that he kicked her off the show and that she was now around and part of one of the biggest attractions in the show. You can understand how this did not settle well with Austin and the rest of the locker room, due to Austin being one of the most respected superstars of all time.

The suspension may just be the beginning of a pretty rocky road for the Drunkadactyl.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports