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Abraham Washington: Post WWE Twitter Is STILL On Fire.

Former WWE Superstar, Abraham Washington (who’s real name is Brian Jossie) is still lighting up twitter with his Anti- WWE Rants, per his firing from the company.

In late July, Washington was let go from the WWE, due to his controversial over the air/live arena commentary where he made this statement:


“Primetime Players are like Kobe Bryant in a Colorado Hotel, they’re unstoppable, Baby!”


With the combination of the events that took place in Colorado just days before the remarks were made (events being the theater shooting at The Dark Knight Rises premiere) and the fact that this was a trial dealing with rape, it may’ve been a wrong choice of reference. Shortly after the remarks were made, the WWE let Washington go.

However, the twitter feed has still been a significant vehicle for him to express his understandable frustration. Some of Washington’s twitter posts read:


“So a dancer in the WWE gets a DUI and is suspended by the WWE for only 15 days while @BJRatedR gets fired for speaking his mind, etc. #BS

AW gets fired for dated joke, Cameron gets 15 days for drink driving and attempted bribery. #loljustice

As I said before @WWE allows you to disgrace other countries flag, have DUI’s, smoke marijuana, and do steroids but you can’t speak ur mind!

To those who don’t know I was fired for tweeting “Support Linda” I also tweeted “VoteOrDie4Linda” Vince didn’t get it

Linda Mac’s campaign is pretty important. Vince has spent alot of your money on his wife. The @WWE superstars aren’t getting the $, ask JTG!

JTG blasted their ass on twitter and they went on damage control quick! @WWE has something to hide….”


For those unaware, he is making references to Camerons suspension and also his tweets regarding Linda McMahons run for senate. If Washington did receive some heat regarding his tweets saying “VoteOrDie4Linda”, clearly the WWE has no idea that that phrase was coined by Sean “P.Diddy” Combs in reference to the importance of voting.

Based on his tweets, Washington has much to say and a lot to get off his chest. He would be a goldmine to have on a shoot interview.

Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports