Actor and Longtime WWE Fan Michael Clarke Duncan Passes Away

By Maurice D. Proffit

Today The Associated Press released the following message on Twitter:


BREAKING: “Green Mile” actor Michael Clarke Duncan dead at 54, his fiancée says.


Michael Clark Duncan was taken to the emergency room back in July due to a massive heart attack that he endured and has been under medical care and supervision ever since. He moved from the intensive care unit 3 weeks after the attack took place and family and friends stayed firmly behind him in hope that he will pull through, via the power of prayer.

Duncan’s finance was who broke the news to The Associated Press.

Duncan became a major star when starring in “The Green Mile” along side with Tom Hanks. In addition, he stared in The Scorpion King, Armageddon, The Whole Nine Yards, See Spot Run and The Incredibles.

In addition to Duncan’s dedication to acting, Duncan has always been a long time fan of professional wrestling. Even though he has been to many Raw’s and Smackdowns when the World Wrestling Entertainment would visit LA, he was most known for his appearance at Wrestlemania 2000, as he sat front row to watch the World Wrestling Federation Championship Fatal Four Way Main Event, Triple H vs The Rock vs Mick Foley vs The Big Show for the Title. Michael Clarke Duncan was invited to the event by his Co-Star of The Scorpion King, The Rock.

Michael Clarke Duncans size and demeanor made him fit in perfectly as he could’ve been on the roster with the WWE.

But it wasn’t just his size physically, but the size of his heart. Duncan was always seen with a great smile and looked to have enjoyed life to the absolute fullest. One of the most caring actors that could’ve graced Hollywood.


As a fan of his, I feel confident in speaking for everyone else that he will be sadly missed and forever loved.


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports

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