Fans Trying to Get Ric Flair a Cameo in Hangover 3

By Andrew Fisher

While Ric Flair has done a lot of things during his illustrious career,appearing in a major motion picture is not one of them. In fact, Flair hasn’t appeared in a single film that wasn’t some type of wrestling production.

Well, that may change, as online fans are creating a push for Flair to have a cameo in the upcoming movie The Hangover 3.

Through the power of social media, fans are showing support for the Naitch.

“Oh man, I love my fans,” said Flair. “So cool they started this whole campaign. I could play anything, as long as I’m not the guy getting married.”

Flair is, of course, referencing the fact he is getting divorced for the fourth time.

It seems marriage is just like wrestling for Flair, he just can’t give it up.

All jokes aside, I’m a big Flair fan and would love to see him in The Hangover 3. Ric Flair could cut a promo in front of a camera for an hour all by himself, so he will easily handle a two minute scene with as many takes as necessary.

As far as the the movie The Hangover 3, I had no interest in seeing it until I heard this news. I think the Hangover movies are overrated, but they make a truck load of money, so I see why they keep making them.

If you want a good bachelor party in Vegas movie, Very Bad Things (1998) is where it’s at. It’s a whole lot darker than the Hangover, but far more entertaining at the same time.

Hopefully the producers listen to the fans and give Flair a scene in the movie, because I have no doubt it would be a success.

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