Jerry Lawler Collapses At Announce Table During Monday Night Raw

By Riley Schmitt
All Wrestling Super Stars

Jerry Lawler is a legend in any pro wrestling circle that you can think of. However, he is in the middle of an extremely scary moment on Monday Night Raw. Lawler collapsed at the announce table and had to be carried backstage.


See, in professional wrestling, the line between show and reality blurs. In this case, I am extremely worried for Lawler and his health. This sounds like an actual health scare and he’s not an extremely young guy.  This occurred after Lawler had a match, so hopefully it is just a bout of dehydration.

Other reports have the crowd being very subdued.  I am not in Montreal but I can tell how quiet the crowd is on TV.  The crowd was absolutely electric early and now they are just quiet as can be.  Everyone is concerned for the health of Lawler.

We will keep you updated on this situation as more information comes out about it.  It is an extremely scary thing to have to deal with and I hope that the King is back at the announce table sooner rather than later.  Get better, Jerry.  The WWE Universe needs you.

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